About Us


To help middle and high school students to prosper in their lives by making positive choices and developing good character.



Young Champions classes are held weekly during regular school hours. Students attend group classes in their respective schools. Classes are divided by age and sex to provide a comfortable environment for learning. The Young Champions program specializes in working with at risk students.

Students will learn the importance of:

  • developing strong communication skills
  • making positive choices when faced with peer pressure
  • achieving academic success
  • building healthy interpersonal relationships



The eighteen week Young Champions curriculum directs the students through group discussions and activities to achieve the program goals.

Foundations For Your Success:

  • My Ideas Do Count – Me “Me” Collage: Special Things About Me
  • “I Like … Because …”: I am Somebody/The 2:20 To Boston
  • “How Many Squares Do You See?”: Here are The Successful People/You Are The Successful People/Prisoners of Hope
  • Garbage Dump Thinking: The Power Of Words/Talking To Yourself/The Losers Limp/”Anything Worth Doing”/It’s In Your Hands/ “Sudden” Good Fortune/Building Our Fortune
  • Calgary Tower: Models Of Excellence
  • What Does It Take For Success?: Recognizing Success/Use Your Abilities
  • The Way You Think Is The Way You Perform: Analyzing Input
  • The Choice Is Yours
  • You Make The Choice: Reasons To Fail – Reasons To Succeed/Positive Thinking vs Positive Believing/Be, Do And Have Collage
  • The Balloon Salesman
  • Segment Summary
  • Check-Up From The Neck Up
  • Foundations For My Success Contract