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Urban Youth Ministry of Greater Indianapolis, Inc. is meeting the challenges of the urban areas of Indianapolis with innovative youth programs. These programs are making a difference by curbing moral, emotional, & physical deterioration of precious lives.



Young Champions empowers youth through the building of moral character and wisdom.


Young Champions is supported by the generous contributions of businesses, foundations, churches, civic organizations & individuals.

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About Young Champions



Developing Good Thinking

Young Champions teaches thinking skills like decision making and problem solving, realizing that youth don’t want to indulge in risky behaviors. They just lack the skills needed to find an escape when a risky challenge is presented.


Encouraging Moral Attitudes

Young Champions are drilled with lessons which focus on the value of doing what is morally right and safe in light of the many decisions that involve either positive choices or risky behaviors, healthy or unhealthy lifestyles


Establishing Future Expectations

An important part of the Young Champion curriculum includes goal setting and the consideration of life planning. The Young Champion chief motto is ”If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”


Teaching Positive Values

Young Champions teaches the importance of not only having positive values but the consequences of making unhealthy and risky lifestyle decisions.


Promoting Greater Opportunities

Young Champions are exposed to volunteer mentors and staff that come from various careers and walks of life. When mentors share their life experience, Young Champions are exposed to possibilities for opportunities that did not previously exist. For instance, mentors can become excellent sources of reference for jobs and advocates.


Providing Present Hope

Young Champions teaches hope as a basic foundation to all other virtues like patience and waiting. By encouraging youth to develop habits of waiting in an instant gratification world, Young Champions learn the adage, “Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

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